Family and Child Plan Request

Interesting email you have why is that? Even more interesting you completely ignored my other comments in my email but focused on a Corona comment. Address the whole email or don’t bother commenting, you know exactly what I am getting at.

While I’m at it how much did it increase in the last 2-4 yrs??? Please don’t bother with the games, a cash grab is what it is, plain and simple. You know what people want but Zwift has NEVER responded to their paying members request with a real reason why they won’t offer a plan that includes families. Good luck with the passive aggressive false narrative hope it works on your next sucker.

Mike, I answered your short comment - what did I ignore? It is only a question “Does Zwift read these” - I am not from Zwift, just user like you. I cannot answer it.
The other comment was “taking advantage of people and the COVID” - and that is the reason for my answer, Zwift did not change the price, so how do they take advantage? Yes, there are many users asking for a family and child plan - my opinion is there should be one account per trainer (with more users possible). Children under 16 are free, running is free, compared with price for a trainer (and the most users have smart trainers) is the price for one month Zwift for me OK.
My opinion, not more and not less.

Edit - Zwift never answered anything here and in the most other threads and it sucks. But it is a private business, they “sell” their product and seem to find enough users who pay the price.


Yes, “same household” as you write is exactly what I wrote in my comment 3 days ago:

" That seems to be a good idea for me - pay per trainer, not user!"

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Even though I’m no longer a subscriber to Zwift I don’t like the idea of pay per trainer. My wife and I have separate trainers and she doesn’t ride that much and probably wouldn’t ride at all if she had to switch out bikes. To me it’s so simple, create a family plan similar to Rouvy. It’s obvious Zwift isn’t listening to their customers. If enough subscribers make the switch to something else Zwift might start listening.

Just bought a Kickrbike tested Zwift works great but after reading this column noticing the lack of respect from an apparent market leader I swiftly decided to go with Rouve. It’s not about the money it’s about attitude. Some people/companies when reaching success just doesn’t care about their customers or understand the power of a community- I never stay long when this happens. Amazingly bad managed.

During the time of covid I think it’s a bit disingenuous of Zwift to laud the benefits of getting more people to exercise yet not allow family account sharing. My wife and two daughters currently at home (one an undergraduate who’s home for no fault of her own due to covid issues) all want to ride Zwift on my road bike. So of course I let them, but it does no good to my FTP or other values because they all ride as me. Many have been furloughed or laid off due to covid and can’t afford multiple subs for the same household. There’s a moral issue here. I’m sure Zwift is making a bunch of money - distribute it to the community this way and you’ll make a lot more friends!

Just curious when Zwift is going to allow for a second user to be added to a Zwift profile? Is this going to be an update coming or can I expect to pay twice for the same household?

Yet you still follow Zwift forums?

Zwift forum is free. Just because you don’t eat at a resturant doesn’t mean you can’t look at the menu.

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