Family and Child Plan Request

IP addresses for home users are usually dynamic and can change.

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I also just had a bad thought.
What are the chances that a Zwifter would have 2 accounts on the same trainer, one 65 kilos for hill climbing and one 85 kg for flat races.
It gets complicated when thinking about cheaters.
I had never heard or thought of sandbagging until I Zwifted.

But they stay on the same ISP, unless we’re saying loads of people will spoof that too. It’s a load of rubbish.

Since when do Zwift care in the slightest about cheating? :rofl: It’s probably the one thing they care less about than a family plan.

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Sure you stay on the same ISP, BUT you if you restart your modem you could end up with a different IP address. That is how DHCP works.

I know, but chances are you’ll get the exact same one. My point was that the IP will be obviously from the same range as it’ll be from the same ISP and it’s not exactly hard to track if that changes frequently suggesting abuse/sharing of the credentials. Again, these are just excuses.

Edit: not having a go at you at all, just the concept that it’s ‘too hard’ for a billion dollar company. :+1:

I’m on the trial right now and realizing that my partner wouldn’t be able to ride without a completely separate subscription really makes this product a hard sell…

I think it would alleviate a lot of these problems if one subscription could have multiple user profiles but limit to one user zwifting at a time.

The most common use case is one shared trainer per household so most people probably wouldn’t even notice the “one rider at a time” limit.

My son an myself have full accounts and we have a child account for my 11 year old. I would like to add an account for my wife but it is just too much as she is only occasional user. A family account would solve this for me.

tracking IP addresses is totally unnecessary - you simply allow one concurrent user to log in from that family plan - if a second user tries to log on it is denied OR it boots of the first user - many many software platforms work this way. No additional numbers will be loading down the Zwift servers as ONLY ONE user from a family plan can be on at any one time.

I agree and mentioned this above, but that works where there’s only one trainer in the house. The question was how you deal with more than one. The IP thing was just an example of how they can prevent abuse of such plans.

But generally yes, they could just make it one account per trainer (with multiple profiles) very easily. They simply don’t want to.

A family plan would be great, my wife might join me once a month but it just isn’t worth the cost of a full subscription. Maybe you could have option to buy a single ride for a buck - more a la carte pricing. Easy to crunch the numbers so the bulk of your regular users would stay with the subscription and bring in new revenue from people who would be occasional users.

Totally agree! A family subscription would be good improvement. For those that have purchased through an appleID there is already the option to share subscriptions with the family.

Combine that with the fact that most families do not have more than 1 smart trainer and I can only see allowing family sharing increasing the number of Zwift subscriptions rather than driving people away to other apps