Experiencing many drop out on rides since December

Since Christmas I seem to be getting at least one drop out per riding session. It reconnects quickly but then ramps up to a random power and then it doesn’t matter what I do it stays at the same power. If I restart the app it behaves ok for sometime before the next dropout. I have had two rides with no drop outs so not sure it’s something that’s changed.
I have recently upgraded to iPhone 13 not sure whether this is the cause. I use Apple TV and companion on iPhone. I use a wahoo kickr core. I’ve checked for firmware upgrades on that but all seems ok on that
Any help please it’s really annoying

if trainer is directly connecting to TV, is there any way of getting some kind of dongle or something bcos if the TV is far away from the trainer then good chance you are losing signal there.
or have u moved tv further away from trainer or anything since Dec…?

So i tried with an old iPad this evening and now dropouts at all. So surely this must be down or the new iPhone 13 somehow. Any ideas on why that would be ?

How are you connecting the kickr? Direct to the Apple TV or via the companion app on your phone? I used to use an Apple TV and found connecting the trainer (I have a neo) directly to the Apple TV was more stable, in fact I don’t think it ever dropped a connection that way. I only tried a couple of times via the companion app, but stopped because it dropped several times.

Is the iPhone in a case which could maybe be blocking the Bluetooth antenna somehow? If it’s in a case, try taking it out.