Excessive Speed and Lag

(Ian Wright [Pyrenees Multisport]) #1

Just starting out with Swift so may be just newbie issues…


I have an Elite Turbo Muin Smart B+ hooked up via bluetooth to my Macbook Air.

When I start to pedal my speed goes straight up to 60kph and beyond, massive power figures (I do not have a power meter).  When I stop pedalling it takes a good few minutes for me to slowly come to a halt.

So am I doing something wrong, is this a network (wifi issue) or a bluetooth issue and do I need to get the Ant + dongle instead.



(Jens Thogersen SZR) #2

Having very similar problem.
Just got my muin today and everything seems to be working fine except that the wattage and speed in Zwift is off the charts. Connecting via Bluetooth and an iPhone 6plus. Elite own app shows realistic numbers.