Elite turbo muin B+


Je suis un nouvel utilisateur.

je possède un Elite turbo muin B+, liaison avec mon Mac en Bluetooth.

Les donnees de puissance sur zwift sont complètement fausses (au moins x10).

Que faire ?


a new user

I have a Elite Turbo muin B+, zwift with Mac and Bluetooth.

the Power is not good ?

What to do ?


Here are some links to others threads about that trainer which might help you out: https://support.zwift.com/hc/en-us/search?utf8=%E2%9C%93&query=Elite+turbo+muin+B%2B&commit=Search



It’s likely you’re running into a known issue, and you need to pair your trainer under the Power category instead. See this article for details.

Hello Francois,

I had the same problem, on the smart b+ sensor you need to configure the rollers you are training on, for the real turbo muin b+ this is 8x flikkering of the light.

inside the sensor there is a small button witch you have to push untill it flashes 8 times in a row, 

it takes a while, first time you push 1x, second time you push 2x, you have to go on untill 8 flashes,

best regards,


Hello Jason, Paul, Kristof,

If i resume :

I select the Power category

But i don’t have the REAL Turbo muin B+, but i have the Turbo muin Smart B+, this is 12x flikkering of the light.

I tried tonight, my power is too important.
Approximately + 20%, +30%