Elite Muin Smart B+

I’ve just got a Elite Muin Smart B+ but when i try and set it up on Zwift the watts go up past 1200 just turning the peddle with my hand, I’m connecting it via Bluetooth and under the power tab.

Its the same when I connect it to the etraining app.

Am I doing anything wrong?

The configuration of the B+ sensor could be wrong. If you search YouTube for “configure misuro b+” you will find videos showing how to open and reconfigure the sensor.

Thanks for your answer if you mean with the flashing lights I’ve done that.

The flashing lights was what I was thinking about. I would still guess it’s something wrong with the configuration somehow since you have the same problem both with zwift and the etraining app.

I’ve been playing with the elite app this afternoon and now it gives me the correct readings but I’m still getting the same on zwift.

Are you connecting with Bluetooth or Ant+? Can you choose different connection protocols in the pairing screen om zwift?