Events - Clarity on when an event ends please

First of all, the new Event system is excellent and makes group rides a properly organised affair now. I tried it for the first time this morning and I really like what you guys have done there.

The processes of registering for an Event, joining an Event, being able to warm up at the start line, and knowing what’s going on during the Event in terms of visual cues, progress, etc. are all excellent.

The only issue I had this morning was with regards the END of the Event.

I rode in the Trek-Segafredo coffee ride this morning and about 3 minutes from the end I made a rookie mistake and dropped back to find the group leader, who in turn suddenly accelerated past me to rejoin the front pack. In the process, I fell off the group and couldn’t catch them again within the remaining time.

When the allocated 30 minutes for the ride was up, the progress indicator simply disappeared and I was left cruising along the road without any clear indication of whether I had officially completed the Event and if the system had registered that I had finished it successfully.

I was pretty exhausted and didn’t want to ride any further, and saw non clear indication that I had completed the Event, so I simply did a normal Quit and Save to Strava to be on the safe side and make sure I didn’t lose my ride stats.

My questions are:

  1. In a time based event like that, how do I know that I’ve officially completed the Event ? Should I have carried on riding until I hit some kind of end-of-event marker or something ?

  2. I read elsewhere that when you complete an Event it saves your Event ride to Strava and automatically starts a new Zwift ride for you in the background in case you want to carry on riding after the Event. But that’s not what happened this morning. I was expecting that to happen, but nothing happened after the Event timer elapsed, the visual cues vanished and I was simply left riding on my own normally. Since then, no other ride was logged to Strava, so assume no background uploading of any sort took place ?

I think there probably needs to be a little more clarity on when an Event completes and if you have officially completed an Event, possibly with some visual cues on screen telling you what to do at the end if you need to fulfill some kind of requirements.

I’m also now wondering if I needed to finish within a certain proximity of the group leader ? Or at a certain place on the map, despite it being a fixed time based event.

Like I said, overall I love the new Event / Group Ride functionality and I feel that it adds massive value to an already impressive system.

Thanks in advance for any feedback on my questions.


I don’t know about events, but when doing Workouts it doesn’t create another ride, it just finishes. Indeed having a seperate ride for your riding after an event would be a bit silly as it’s once continuous ride, assuming you keep riding.


Maybe you’re thinking of the warmup phase where before an event you register to join but then ride around the island and when you click join event to go to the pier, then is when it creates a seperate ride.

Ok, perhaps I need to be even more clear.


My main issue is that it was completely unclear as to whether the system had registered that I had completed the Event.

There was absolutely no acknowledgement of the fact that the system had registered that I had completed the Event. The timer and other visual cues just vanished and it was like the Event never happened.

I was expecting some kind of explicit confirmation that the Event was over and that I had successfully completed it and that the system had registered that fact somehow.

That’s what I would prefer anyway. Otherwise it’s like riding a race in real life and you get to the end and nobody acknowledges that you’ve completed the race, nobody talks to you, there’s no prize giving, you just keep riding and go home as if it never happened.

Ideally, it should throw up a message of some sort verifying completion and acknowledging your full participation in the Event, from start, to finish.

Even more ideally, there should be a history view in the dashboard eventually that lets you actually see all the Events you participated in and completed, with relevant stats, but that’s a future feature request.

My issue this morning was that the allocated half hour expired, the visual cues vanished, and I was left wondering if my participation had been recorded in any way at all.

Hi Allan

When an event ends and is saved, it will have the name of the event as its title if you done it successfully. 

I rode an extra bit after the leader said ’ great ride, thanks everyone’ just to make sure I had done it, and agree with you that some visual indication would be nice at the event end.

Hey guys - thanks for the feedback! We totally agree and the good news is an improved event completion experience is already in the works.

We’re releasing events in 3 parts:

  • Part I was the ride leader beacon.
  • Part II was the controlled starting area.
  • Part III will focus on the event completion experience.

Don’t worry - your participation in events is being recorded already today.

Check out the events page for a full listing of events, or sign up and see who’s going today from the Events feed on Zwift Mobile Link for iOS and Android.

Hope to see you out there. Ride On.


completed my first event as ride leader… can’t see any stats for the ride or for anyone else… i saw my overall rank briefly on the leaderboard on the left…  but no strava upload…   when/where can i see how the event turned out?   is their a listing of results?   when setting it up i was asked about stats, and said yes people would want them even for a ride not a race…  please xplain… i did keep riding to cooldown for a few minutes… was this a mistake?   I think I saw an OK at the screen bottom briefly at event end but just ignored it and kept riding… need clarification