Event Freezing

(Doug MacMuse) #1

Hi, hoping someone can help me.

I’m not having much luck with events (I had a different problem with the last one I tried, still an open support issue on that one, although touch wood is hasn’t happened again . . . ‘losing resistance’)

Tonight I registered for a KISS Europe, Category D race. 1 lap = 20K of the London course . . . started fine, managed to hang in there with other riders, saw them all on the ‘riders nearby’ list, above and below me as I’d have expected. . Partways into the ride I noticed the first issue, that just about to take on Box Hill, roughly 8K in to the ride, the ‘lap/distance’ bar showed 16km still go . . .strange I thought,  . … surely it should be closer to 12km . …  regardless I soldiered on, and then I noticed is that on the ‘riders nearby’ list I was the only rider (although still lots of riders on the course riding with me). I decided to keep going, and eventually hit 20km, when the lap/distance monitor decided to come back to life and started reducing (but I was still the only rider in the list on the right side of the screen) . … realising it was probably a problem of some kind I decided to keep on going to finish the ‘race’, so doing another 16km, until the race marker completed, and I even crossed a finish line, although I still didn’t get a ‘race results’ screen - probably because everyone else finished 30 minutes earlier.

Everything else seemed to work, there were plenty of riders on the course, including B and C category riders passing me form the other KISS Europe races . . .power, distance, speed etc all recorded fine, my Strava file was uploaded fine, and the Zwift Activty recorded fine (36km - so it didn’t ‘freeze’), just that the ‘event’ seemed to either throw me out, or freeze, or do something bad, and then start again (I don’t know if its co-incidence that it ‘started’ again at 20k, who knows.

I appreciate any help . . one of these days, I’d actually like to complete an event without any problems!