Completed race - still showing as unfinished and not on leader board 1 day later

Hi there,

I am a new user to Zwift, approx 3 days now. I started with a workout on the free trial and signed up and jumped straight into some races which I am really enjoying.

First race went very well, second also however when crossing the finish line the leaderboard never appeared and after a short time it timed out and took me back to the New York map.

I have my account linked to Strava, which uploaded the activity automatically, Zwift also updated me on achieving a new estimated FTP during the race, but a day later I am still not on the leaderboards, my total distance excludes the 17km completed in the race but the event shows on my activity feed (just seems I never completed it?)

I am not quite sure what to do, I would love to be able to close the event out and review my metrics etc. My information is as follows:
Zwift username: Niall Mulcahy9479
Event in question: “Zwift - TTR Weekly RACE (climb) ©” - Date 17th September 2019.
Strava link to Event:
Zwiftpower: (I am showing up in the Live section of the screen as #15)

I tried opening the Zwift application to see if I could fix this without success. Any help would be much appreciated. Also, If this has occurred due to any error of my own any suggestion on how to avoid such problems would be helpful.

Thank you