ZRL no leaderboard in event and not on ZP

I’ve just completed Zwift Racing League | WTRL - Men’s/Mixed EMEA W1 DIVISION 3 Harrogate Course (events.php?zid=1644234).

As I sprinted over the line the finish dissapeared and there was no leaderboard. I rode on for a while before having to quite the event.

The ride appears in the companion app but I’m not on the leaderboard. I’m also not on Zwift Power even though I was showing as signed up before the event. Uploaded to Strava fine.

Is there any way I can get my ride to appear on the results?


Rob, I commented on a similar thread just now. If you don’t have an active connection to Zwift when you cross the finish line you don’t get credited with finishing the race. The fact that everyone around you disappeared sounds like you lost your connection at that critical moment. You do appear in the LIVE results tab for the race but you will see that like a handful of other riders you are not recorded as having finished. It’s just bad luck I’m afraid. You can lose your connection at any other point in the race just as long as it is working when you cross the line you get credited with the finish.