Event ZRL not working properly twice

Good Morning,
yesterday I wanted to take part in the ZRL Race. Unfortunately Zwift didn’t place me in the starting pens rather than somewhere on the streets. Very frustrating!

In my second attempt yesterday to be part of our second team racing the ZRL the event button didn’t show up. So I joined the event over the homescreen. The race started but I had the feeling (and I am very very sure of it) that my avater didn’t get any slipstream. So the second race was also gone!

Is this a bug? Can I do something to fix this?
Hope anyone can help.

Kind regards,

That sounds odd.

In terms of getting into the pens i would recommend try logging on earlier. you can enter the pens from 30 mins before so if you are not seeing the join event button try going back to the home screen or into a guest world to see if it appears.

Otherwise a restart of zwift is a good idea.

The slipstream (draft) is an odd one i’ve not heard of any similar issues. Maybe if you could link the event id might be helpful to investigate.

Are you ok joining other non zrl events?

there was a bug going around a couple years ago where like half of the entries in a given race would get no draft. think it was something to do with different users being on different versions of the game

that could be possilbe if for some reason the op was still on the old build when pack dynamics change was done monday.

Worth confirming your game version @Arne_Wellna