Error login in on phone

I cannot access my Zwift account on my mobile. Took few weeks off and when I tried to open it I get the message: There was an error logging in with that account information. Did you change your password?
the only option is OK. I cannot neither log in nor log out. I have the same password as before and log in without a problem on my computer.

Ah, yes, that dreaded message!

From this post:

Zwift-App on iPad - no login possible?!

DELETE your user profile from the app, add yourself as a new user…but do not type in your data. Instead, PASTE your UserID and password in from somewhere else (notepad, whatever).

Failing that, uninstall the app (ensuring all data is cleared), reinstall, and then go through the steps to log in.

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I’d wager that CJ is on the right track here and it sounds like something about your cached login credentials is no longer working as it should.

While deleting the Zwift app on your Android device, clearing out the app cache, and reinstalling Zwift will likely do the trick, if you’re not wanting to go to that length, you can try just re-entering your login credentials as follows:

  1. First, please force close the Zwift app on your Android device. If you aren’t sure on how to do this—check out the Android section of this article​.

  2. Now, open the Zwift app.

  3. Press the CHANGE USER button.

  4. Press the ADD EXISTING USER button.

  5. Enter your email address and password.

  6. Proceed to log in with your Zwift account.

  7. If successfully logged in, you should now be on the Paired Devices screen.

Similar to above you can clear your browser cache if that is what you are using to log in on.