Error de conexion

Hola, cada x minutos se para el avatar y en la pantalla pone " error de conexion " . Internet funciona perfectamente y el pc Windows 11 es nuevo. Utilizo tambien zwift compagnion en android en el móvil.

Hola Gerard.

Perdone los errores, estoy usando Google Translate.

El “Error de conexión” también se utiliza para indicar un problema de conexión a los sensores: frecuencia cardíaca, velocidad, cadencia, potencia, etc.

Si su conexión a Internet funciona, puede comenzar investigando los problemas del sensor.

First of all, thank you for your attention.
I use the smart roller BKOOL Pro 2 wich indicates speed power and cadence and the only sensor I use is the Garmin chest strap with the PC and on the mobile I use the app Zwift connection. From time to time it stops me, but the sensors mark them correctly.
Then the cyclist remains stationary on the computer and it puts a connection error.
My samsung galaxy tab A tablet does not accept to download the suite application, it says that it is not compatible. Tomorrow I will try with the mobile application, to see if it works well.
Thank you very much, we will inform you! (By google too :wink:

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AH! The Bkool Pro 2 seems to support both ANT+ and Bluetooth. Your tablet, the Samsung Galaxy Tab A, has both Bluetooth and ANT+ but you MAY need to download the ANT+ libraries to activate that.

I’m going to suggest you try connecting via ANT+ if you haven’t already - that is SOMETIMES more reliable than BLE. (other times, the opposite)

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Solvented last week but today for examole I used ant+ and other time “Zwift do not answer” and I lost my trainer for today in the pc and Zwift. Indon’t understand it because my internet goes correctly.
Thanks for all Otto (sorry for my english)

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