ERG mode

(Murray Shaw) #1

Is there a keyboard command to switch ERG mode on and off?

(Jason K) #2

ERG mode is only available in workout mode, and only if you check the “use ERG mode” box before you start.

(József Mihály) #3


I have Elite Real E-motion roller and I do not find where is ERG mode checkbox. Could you be so kind and help me?



(Murray Shaw) #4

When you go to the select workout page, there should be an erg mode checkbox.

(József Mihály) #5


As you can see there is no ERG checking box.

The selected trainer is:

What is your proposal?



(Jason K) #6

József, you need to pair the Elite FE-C option, otherwise, Zwift won’t see your trainer as a controllable trainer. This is going off topic, so I’m closing the thread. If you have other issues, please create a new topic.