ERG Mode Tacx Vortex Mac

(Jamie Oakley PRL) #1

Another person with an ERG problem :frowning:


I cant get it to work on any workouts at all. The vortex is set up as my power meter and controllable trainer and I have my own ant+ cadence and HRM.


My ANT+ Stick is only a few cm away from my trainer and hill resistance works fine outside of workout mode.


Im running zwift on a mac, think this may be a problem? Any solutions or workarounds? My Tacx firmware is up to date and I am running the latest version of zwift.

(. TomH..) #2

Hi Jamie, 

Sorry to hear, I just created a ticket for you as it should work just fine. Can you please supply us with the ‘‘log’’ file so we can take closer look? 

Thank you.

(Jamie Oakley PRL) #3

Sure thing, i’ve attached the file to the ticket. Thanks


(. TomH..) #4

Thank you Jamie.

(Gus Goad ZHR (G)) #5

Jamie - did this problem get sorted? I have the identical issue - Vortex and Mac but useless ERG mode.