ERG Mode Overestimates Power after ANT+ USB module replaced

Hello Zwift Community,

I use the Zwift for Windows app and a Kickr snap Issue is accurately described in the title. Erg mode is running hot as far as the power it sends to the trainer, with no changes on my end aside from replacing the usb stick with a new (identical) module. This same thing happened last time I accidentally smashed the module by stepping on it and subsequently replaced it. Just like last time I recalibrated the trainer and retested. Rezeroed power meter (assioma duo - zwift is power matching), retested. Reinstalled Zwift, retested and finally Im back to my conclusion from last time - it will solve itself with time.

Reason I conclude that is last time I replaced the usb stick it took about a week for Zwift to “relearn” (obviously, Im speculating) how it needs to vary power its sending to my Snap in erg mode to match the assiomas. Once it does it is REALLY good and accurate and the reason I still use Zwift for erg mode over competitors who cant do it as well.

Since its repeatable with a new dongle Im going to speculate its a legitimate bug.