ERG Mode on Elite Turbo Muin Smart Trainer


Soooooo, I have some questions…

I use to have a wheel on turbo (Elite Novo) and the whole time I used it I didnt change gear (rightly or wrongly!!)

I now have an Elite Turbo Muin (Wheel off). As yet I still havent changed gear. Should I be?!! I am a bt clueless. I feel totally able to ride it on the big ring.

Also what do I do in regards to ERG Mode? When should I have it on/off? And how to i turn it on/off?

Thank youuu

I use ERG mode all winter for my workouts.
There is no need to change gears while in ERG mode, but there are times that it may be helpful. If you’re in a workout with cadence changes, switching gears may help make those less abrupt. I have also found that I like using the small chain ring and whatever cassette cog that gives me a straight chain line. Using the small ring lessens the flywheel effect of the trainer and makes for a better workout.

I’ve done workouts in resistance mode & ERG. To me, it feels as if I push against resistance mode, and that ERG pushes against me.

If you start a workout in Zwift and you have a smart trainer paired then ERG mode should be enabled by default. When doing a workout in ERG mode Zwift should change the resistance so you meet the power target (you aren’t producing enough power it will up the resistance, too much power it will reduce the power) so you should never need to change gear.

When you are doing other rides (free ride, group ride, race) and you have a smart trainer Zwift should be changing the resistance based on the terrain. There is an option (trainer difficulty) in the settings which can be used to change the amount of resistance it applies. This setting defaults to 50% (an incline of 8% will only feel like 4%), if you change it to 0% then it will not change the resistance at all and it will always simulate a flat road, change it to 100% and it will simulate the actual gradient.

In free rides as far as I know there is no option to turn ERG mode on. In workouts in the companion app there is a button where you can turn ERG mode off if you would rather manage your power output manually (through changing gears etc). Also note in some workouts there are “free ride” sections where the ERG mode will automatically turn off (and on again at the end of the section).

Hi @SL_Murtagh, The ERG mode option is only available for workouts. ERG mode sets your resistance to a specific wattage target based on your cadence instead of basing it on the course gradient (SIM mode for free rides). If you have a trainer that’s compatible with ERG mode, you can turn this on or off using the action bar once you’ve started your workout. Check out this article for more info on using the action bar.

All About Erg Mode in Zwift | Zwift Insider.

The Elite Turbo Muin doesn’t support ERG and can’t adjust resistance in Zwift as well. Its a fluid trainer and the resistance comes from spinning around the fluid in the chamber and not the gradient or any other information from Zwift

Elite uses some very confusing marketing calling their fluid trainers like the Turbo Muin “smart” as it can send watts using the misuri B+ sensor. They then uses “smart interactive” for the trainers that can provide resistance and adjust gradient from the elevation in Zwift.

Shifting gears totally comes down to your watts, so if you are sitting constantly around the same watts you won’t change gears on a fluid trainer. If you then want to do a sprint you should change your gear to give more resistance so you can push higher watts

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