Cadence and power question

Hello. I’ve completed the start of a training programme today and have had difficulty getting my power and cadence to the correct levels. Should I be able to do this without changing gears so often? Changing gears is never mentioned in the next in the in screen commentary. Thanks all.

What is your setup? Are you using a smart trainer in ERG mode?

Between the two, power& cadence, power is more important.
Just try to use the gear that gets you closest to the desired cadence.
You will get the star for the power goal regardless of cadence.

If using erg mode, adjust to the cadence and the trainer will set the power but still, stars are awarded for power.

Thanks for that. I was worrying about both and missed out on some stars as a result. I will focus more on power next time.

I am on a tacx vortex smart trainer, not sure about erg mode though, should I have this on of off?

Thanks for your help.

you should have ERG mode on, I’m pretty sure that trainer supports it.

Should be on. This will negate the need for the constant gear changes.

Okay, thanks for that advice. I will use erg mode tomorrow. Where do I toggle this on Zwift please?

When selecting the workout from the menu there should be a button stating ‘use ERG mode’. This will mean that the trainer will control the resistance for you to hit the required power, no gear changes needed

It is also worth selecting a gear in the middle of the cassette and your small chain ring. This tends to assist the trainer in getting lower and higher power ranges.

Hi Martyn,

That’s really useful - thank you. I’ll do another work out later today and will use erg mode for that.