Help with training events

I’m after a bit of advice the training events please and thanks.
I can’t for the life of me figure out how to increase my cadence but drop my wattage.
Example…I did a Zwift training event yesterday, and I could manage to hit the sections where it wanted a lower cadence (65) and a higher watt (155), but when it came to the other way around, high cadence (100) and low watt (70) I could only hit one of them to the detriment of the other.
I’m on a watt bike…so for the high cadence I would drop it down to the lowest level, but would still be outputting approx 150 watt for 100 cadence. I hope that all makes sense?! And hopefully someone can enlighten me?!

If you use erg mode you won’t have to change gears, only cadence. I feel like 150w in lowest gear seems like a lot but could be wrong. Is the watt bike the smart bike where you can choose your chainrings and cassette in their app in order to lower the gearing?

Geez, now you’re asking! Firstly, thanks for getting back to me. What’s erg mode?
I’m on the watt bike pro. 10 gears, and then the option of putting magnetic resistance on top of that I.e if I want to stay in gear 1, but want a bit more bite, I’ll play around with the magnetic gears. So when I’m doing events I’m up/down the gears most of the time!

Ok I see that the watt bike pro doesn’t have erg mode so disregard that as an option.

I was just about to get back to you as I’d found out what erg mode is…but alas, it is not meant to be for me! I’ll keep plodding along regardless. Thanks for your help!!

I have the same problem. I’m on a 1x9 trainer bike on a “dumb” trainer.
I don’t have a gear low enough to maintain 150 watts while pedaling over 70 rpm. It’s basically a racing set up and I generally need harder gears when I get to hills.
I just shift to the lowest gear I have a hit the power target so I get a “star”.

Are you saying that you get a star when you hit the power goal? If yes, that is a bummer, as there’s no way I’m coasting at 70 watts in a training session! Lol, that is a sllllllllow cadence on a watt bike :rofl:!

Yes stars are based on how well you kept to the power target.

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