Cycleops Power

(Meir Raskas) #1

I just started using Zwift and just hooked it up to my bluetooth cycleops power trainer. Should I be changing gears or  let the trainer change the resistance, and if I am not suppose to be changing gears what is the correct gear to stay in? TIA


(Marc Nielsen) #2

Good questions Meir,

I just got a smart trainer myself - Magnus.

In ‘Just  Ride’ the resistance just adjusts and you change gears to cope (like riding outside) -  I believe they call it SIM Mode.  If you are doing a workout, then it’s ERG mode - the trainer does not change resistance due to hills and such but will do so for the changes in the power ranges as per the workout - I think your question is very good for this mode - should you just stay in the same gear and if so, which one? Is it better to try and minimize chain wear? I am playing with how I approach ERG mode when I transition from rest to high power interval (it seems like you better have your RPMs up or you could really have a tough effort).