Resistance change for non ERG smart trainers.

When doing workouts on a smart trainer that does not have ERG mode you have two options to change resistance, changing gears and changing the resistance. 

So i was wondering if Zwift can help change the resistance when the training block start. I realize that it wont be perfect and that I will have to manually adjust but it could help.

So let say i do a workout and the block is at 180W then it jumps to 560W I have to change gears and increase the resistance. this is a lot of things to do especially if it is a short block.  If zwift can take care of the resistance it is one less thing to do. 

I realize that all trainers are different so the math will be interesting. I was thinking if Zwift look at what I am doing for one block it can just repeat that for the other blocks. Or it can increase by a factor  related to the delta between current and previous block.

I’m just thinking out loud.

I don’t have a solution so any other input will be helpful.


Looking forward to hear from you.



Hi Gerrie,

Which smart trainer doesn’t support ERG mode but supports SIM mode?

Hi Eric, 

The older Elite Realaxiom usb wired trainers. 

I assume there is not a lot of trainers without ERG mode. 


Thanks for your reply.


Sounds like a good idea to me!  Up voted.