Elite Turbo Muin does not Support ERG Mode?


I just wonder why the ERG Mode is not supported for the Elite Turbo Muin? Everything Else is working like expected but not the ERG Mode. Is there anything I Can do to enable it?
Is is because I have no cadence Sensor ?

Thx for the help

The Turbo Muin is not a Samrt Trainer.
It doesn’t change resistance, it has a fixed resistence.
Nothing you can do about it, except buy a Smart Trainer.

But it’s overrated. Say you pedal with 2,5w/kg in the flat, then it goes uphill. With a dumb trainer you pedal like before. With a smart trainer you shift your gears so you can pedal as before.
So a dumb trainer saves you a lot of shifting.


Sorry but I have the Real Turbo Muin and it works fine when I drive around in the worlds. Zwift does control the Resistance when the Road Kicks up and the ERG Mode worked on other Plattform like BKool.

Just be sure not to believe the watts that it says that you’re putting out.

Can someone please tell me why Elite say there EliteTurbo Muin Smart is a smart trainer. I have just bought one and messed around for hours trying get erg to work. It should not say it is a smart trainer. I am returning mine today.

Because elite is incorrectly marketing the trainer. If you can, I would return it and buy a real smart trainer.

Yep I found that out the hard way. Took the trainer back and expressed to the shop that it should not be advertised has a smart trainer. Got a refund and have bought the tacx Neo.

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