ERG Mode in Workouts

I just looked at riding a workout but there wasn’t the possibility to use ERG mode , is this a bug or as the feature been removed? Thanks

You’ll need to supply more information about your setup before that question can be answered. ERG has not bee removed, though.

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We will need a bit more information. How do you pair your trainer what device do you use.

No ERG has not been removed.

Gerrie ty, Kickr core paired via BLE to windows pc initially. I then checked via Ios on my Ipad again connecting via BLE , neither showed ERG mode option next to your FTP

Do you pair as power and controllable?

Gerrie I have never paired controllable in my time using Zwift and everything has worked perfectly. I have been working over the Winter on base and have used ERG mode 2-4x a week without this problem.
Paired are power source , cadence and my HRM

That’s really weird because paring as Controllable is required for ERG mode. ERG mode = control of the trainer. I have no explanation for how it ever worked before, but please do pair as Controllable.

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It probably auto connected before