ERG Mode does not come back after free ride section in Fondo Training Plan


I experiment an issue during the Fondo training plan (Welcom workout).
It seems that ERG mode does not come back after the first 2 min free ride section.
Does anyone encounter this issue?

Wahoo kickr v5 (Firmware: 4.2.7)
Zwift (last version) on android phone.
Ant+ FEC connexion

Thank you for the help.


Hi @Mickael_Fzu

As I understand it, ANT+ FE-C is primarily intended for use in Android Zwift with power meters and bike sensors (e.g. speed and/or cadence sensors, heart rate monitors, etc…) but not for the controllable resistance aspect of smart trainers.

I would suggest instead of ANT+ FE-C on your Android, use Bluetooth LE (BLE) pairing instead, and ERG mode resistance should function more reliably.

Hi @Steven_D

The whole reason for the FE-c profile is to control smart trainers.


Okay, Gerrie, thanks for the info.

I’m still not sure if this is actually supported in Zwift specifically, however because last I recall the ANT+ support for the Android version of Zwift was still in beta, and was limited to power meters and bike sensors only. I’ll need to check with the team and confirm.

I’d still say Mickaël’s best bet for now is to try BLE pairing on the Android instead as a feasible alternative to ANT+.

I agree that It may not be implemented for Android by Zwift.


Hi Steven, Hi Gerrie,

Thank you for these informations! I will try tonight if there is an improvment by forcing the controllable in BLE connexion instead of ANT+ FE-C on my Android Phone.
I think my home trainer connect itself automatically in ANT+ FE-C when I launched Zwift.
Otherwise, I have no particular issues during workouts except maybe at the really beggining of the session, the time the ERG start-up (few seconds).

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ANT+ FEC is supported and works fine on Android and has done since Dec '20.

From the Zwift Android App FAQ:

Android-specific fixes in release 1.0.60239:

1. Controllable trainers are now supported over the ANT+ FE-C protocol.
You must pair POWER first, as FE-C, before the controllable FEC is detected.
Note 1: we have tested on multiple Trainer types, but please let us know if you encounter problems.
Note 2: “Road Feel” is not yet supported for trainers with this feature (i.e. Tacx)

Daughter uses it all the time but cant comment on the workouts issue from the OP as she just plays around.

So I proceed to connect the controllable in BLE instead of the “automatic” Ant+ FE-C and now it works fine!
The lag at the beggining of a workout has totally disappeared and the transition “free ride” block to “ERG block” is smooth and work perfectly on Fondo Training Plan.
Thank you for the great support.

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Hi Dean,
I have a the last zwift android version (1.22.1) and a wahoo kickr v5 (4.2.7).
The ANT+ FE-C seems to work fine in ERG off. There are only some workouts that didn’t work well. For example, I recently achieved 6wk begginer ftp builder without any problem (except the lag at the beggining of the session, and particlularly the recovery sessions).
All these issues have disappeared connecting the controllable in BLE.

Its funny that for some Bluetooth works for them and others ANT+ does. The day when we can all reliably pick whatever suits without risk of gremlins will be a good day but judging by so many threads here with various sensor issues, we are a loong way from that day.

Great to hear that at least you are sorted Mickael.

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Hi @Mickael_Fzu

I wanted to definitely get my facts straight here, so I checked with a higher technical authority on our team, and I can confirm what Dean said is true. Controllable trainers are supported over the ANT+ FE-C protocol on Android Zwift.

As it was explained to me, there are some additional Android add-ons that you may need to install. This should all be explained in the related FAQ.

Double-check that FAQ and if you want to give ANT+ FE-C another go for controllable, feel free to do so. Otherwise, BLE pairing is always a good alternative as you’ve discovered.



Phew! Thanks Steven, never really sure what info around here is current or not.

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Hi Steven,

Thank you for the FAQ link.
I checked on my Samsung S10+ and I have both Ant Radio Services and Ant+ Plugins Service Apps.
So I think it should work but it doesn’t with my setup.


Hi @Mickael_Fzu

Thanks for letting me know.

At this point, if you’re confident that you’ve set up everything correctly to utilize ANT+ pairing in Zwift on your Samsung Android, but the controllable resistance still isn’t functioning as it should, I would suggest that you please send us a support request; our tech support team will be happy to take a closer look at this for you.

It’ll likely require analysis of your log files, so please also send those to us with your official support request.

For instructions on how to send us the log files, see this article.

You can reach us here.