Erg Mode button is not available for training

I was out of town for a few days and wanted to do a group ride…doesnt work to keep all together and crazy swerving…and so I thought I would use training…but no ERG button is available now. Is anybody else having the ERG button missing on the Apple TV app? I didnt see anything recent in the forums…thanks for the advice

Hi George, last Friday when I connected my Wahoo Kickr the option to run the spindown disappeared and when I’ve selected the workout the ERG button disappears as well, then I couldn’t make the workout as I expected.
I´ve deleted the app and installed again but still I am having the same problem.

@George_Taylor1 and @Marcelo_A_Sosa
Make sure your app is up to date. But! don’t update the companion app if you use it to pair your controllable trainer to ATV, apparently they put out an update on Friday and it has a bug that means you can’t pair controllable trainers, so I assume it will be a while before that is fixed and another update comes out (on android you can roll back the update but not on iOS).

Thanks Marcelo
I have not checked my spin down option

I do automatic updates on both the ATV and my companion APP. Mine Kicker worked fine if i was just riding, but no erg capability in group rides…frustrating. Especially if your doing group rides or training workouts.

Erg mode has never been available in a group ride unless it’s a group workout.

I do automatic updates as well on my Apple TV and iPhone or iPad.
I will have to use the ZWIFT app on my iPad or MAC in order to do the workouts.
At the same time the sensation when you going down from Alpe the Zwift is rear because I was riding at 75 km/h but it was hard to increase the cadence.
I hope that developers can fix these bugs very soon.
thanks Ben for your reply.