ERG Disabled During Workout

 This has happened a few times.

While in a workout, my power drops to zero, while I’m pedaling. My cadence is still being recognized, as well as my H/R, but I have no power. Thus I fail that section of the workout.

Its totally Random!

I use both my laptop and my iPhone.

  • Laptop is reading Cadence and H/R through an ANT+ dongle. Not Mac

  • IPhone is reading my Kinetic Road Machine Smart Control via Bluetooth.

Am I not supposed to use both at the same time?


So I just tried to get set-up another workout, and realized the iPhone app is not reading the trainer for some reason. The Kinetic Fit app reads it fine. But not the Zwift IPhone app.




Are you using a USB extension cable for your ANT+ dongle? The ANT+ dongle should be positioned next to your smart trainer for best performance. 

Is it possible you have two active iPhone apps fighting for control of the trainer Peter?

My smart trainer is connected to my IPhone via Bluetooth.

The Dongle only connects my Garmin H/R strap and my Garmin Speed/Cadence Sensor.

The problem lies with the app.

My iPhone recognizes the trainer, the app does not during workouts. I just did a workout w/the ERG off. Same thing happened. Power dropped off. Checked the IPhone to see if it dropped the trainer, NOPE. Checked the Bluetooth signal strength, via the Kinetic app, was GOOD.

For some reason the IPhone app is dropping my trainer.


Paul, I did think of that.

Before I workout, I calibrate the trainer with the Kinetic app. Then I disconnect the Kinetic app from the trainer and close the Kinetic app.

Then I open the Zwift app and open Zwift on my Laptop.

I also thought that maybe my laptop was fighting with my phone for the trainer. However, when I check to make sure the laptop Bluetooth is off, it is off.

Please keep ideas coming.


Are you connecting to wifi 2.4ghz or wifi 5ghz? 5ghz is more reliable and faster.

That said I find connecting my trainer by ANT+ more reliable than Bluetooth via ZML.

Is there a reason you’re not connecting your trainer to the laptop via Bluetooth?

Because the Laptop App does not recognize the trainer.

I am using a NON Apple Laptop. A Lenovo Laptop w/Windows.

The Windows App does not recognize through Bluetooth as of yet.