Elite Tuo and Garmin Rally

Hi, I have a problem.
I am using an Elite Tuo trainer. For the first year it worked great, it was very responsive.
However, after a year it took a very long time to set the correct resistance when training. I tried to fix it but nothing helped and I gave up.

Yesterday I noticed that the source of the problem was the Garmin Rally pedals.

When I connect the sensors to the zwift, I set the trainer as the power and cadence source and of course the resistance control.

However, when there is a signal from the pedals, it becomes a higher priority signal. Despite not changing the power source, the zwift indicates power from the pedals.

Even during the ride, when the pedals are inactive and lying on the desk, the power signal from the trainer works, as soon as I wake up the pedals, the power source automatically switches to the pedals. Although in the connection section the trainer is still indicated as the power source.

How can I solve this problem, I would like to compare the power from the two sources, but can’t right now.