Elite Tuno Fluid Trainer

Hello, I have a Elite Tuno Fluid Trainer but it is not on the Zwift compatible indoor trainers. What would be the equivalent to this trainer so that I get the correct power curve. It’s listed on Sufferfest and I can get my watts output correct on that application but cannot on Zwift. Thank you for your assistance.



Can you send power data to TR and zwift at same time?

If so play with a few options, try low and high power, if start with ones of the same brand or same basic type.

That’s really a good idea. Run both apps simultaneously and match the trainer in Zwift to the already configured trainer in Sufferfest. Thank you!

Did you get this figured out?

Zwift has a compatibility table and I used the Crono Fluid. I haven’t been able to find a definitive answer though.

I think our trainers were only sold through MEC?