Cyclotron Fluid ST?

I just bought the Cyclotron Fluid ST, but Zwift says that there is compatibility for the Cyclotron Fluid. Does anyone know if this is the same thing? I have tried searching for just the Cyclotron Fluid trainer, but am met with results only for the Cyclotron Fluid ST, leading me to believe that these are the same trainers. Thanks for the help

Hi @Jake_Suttell, welcome to the Zwift forums!

I also don’t see that exact trainer listed on Zwift’s supported trainers. I also didn’t see much info in a quick google search for that trainer, so I can’t tell which one to use specifically.

The difference is going to be what power curve Zwift applies to each of the listed trainers. To understand more about the power curve and wheel on trainers, see this post:
How Does Zwift Determine My Speed?

You may need to do some experimenting with the listed trainers on Zwift, do you have outdoor rides on Strava that you could compare power numbers with?


Thank you for the reply! I do have some prior data that I can use to gauge data estimates. I’ll probably try the Cyclotron Fluid option and see how that goes. Super strange because I can’t find a trainer by that exact name on google. I can only find the Cyclotron Fluid ST or the Fluid Comp which has its own option.

You will probably be fine with the Fluid option, just know that power is an estimate when using “dumb” trainers and speed sensors. The most accurate options, and also much more expensive, are either smart trainers, or power meters (crank or pedal based, etc.).

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Oh for sure. Thank you for your help!