Travel Trac Comp Fluid

(Miki Shimada) #1

Hi, does Zwift support Travel Trac Comp Fluid trainer?


(Paul Allen) #2

Yes, it is in the list  for Classic Trainer:

Just Select the trainer and go through the steps and select the options you have and it will tell you what you need.

(Michal Balicki) #3

I have the Travel Trac Fluid comp trainer, but when I select it I am about 100 watts above what I normally ride. I’ve been using Nashbar Fluid selection instead for my trainer which seems to give me more realistic power values. I know its not recommended but I dont want to be a flier. Anyway Zwift team can look into it again? I’ve tried various pressures, roller tightness, new trainer tire, etc.

(Anocha Yudhthonglang) #4

I have the Travel Track Fluid Comp as well, but speed is way to fast. My average speed on Garmin is 16-22 Mph, but on the game is 25 Mph up. I will try to change to Nasbar Fluid next time.  

(S McGough (BE) C) #5

I agree. I purchased the Travel Trac Fluid Comp as well, and the watts and speed are WAY to high. I canceled my Zwift membership at the time because it was embarrassingly fast.

I put a support ticket (24888) in back in February, and they never solved the issue. Hopefully this ticket will rekindle Zwift’s interest?