Travel Trac Comp Fluid Calibration


I’m trying to get as close to real world power numbers on my Travel Trac Comp Fluid trainer as possible.   My power numbers for a given HR (effort) are too high compared to the real world. 

With the tire tire pressure at 100psi I did some experimentation with the number of turns of the wing nut in applying contact pressure from the trainer cylinder to the tire. If I apply 1 full turn my power numbers are almost double what they are when I apply 2 full turns for the same HR (effort).  2 1/2 turns seems to yield close to real world power numbers. In none of the settings is the tire slipping.

Does anyone know the recommended number of turns to correctly calibrate the trainer?

Also if I apply more than 1 and 1/2 turns the trainer is extremely and annoyingly noisy.  I’m using the Vittoria Zaffiro Pro Trainer tire.  Any suggestions to reduce the noise?


Richard Treadway

Hi Richard, 

Check with the trainer manufacturer what the correct roller pressure should be but in general you need to use your hand to hold the flywheel stationary and attempt to rotate the bicycle wheel with your other hand. The correct tension is set when the bicycle tire does not slide or slip. Doesn’t really matter if it’s a little to much or too less, it shouldn’t effect the power readings a lot. If it does,like in your case, there might be some kind of problem with your trainer, you also hear some unusual loud noises coming out so that might be confirming my suspicion. I would definitely contact the manufacture in this case to make sure my trainer is in good working order and then we can take it from there.

I hope it helps. 

Ride On!

Thanks Tom.  I did contact Performance Bike and they suggested the bearings maybe faulty.  These are not serviceable but do have a lifetime guarantee.  They have offered to replace my trainer.

Hopefully I won’t miss to many Zwift rides…  RideOn



No problem Richard my pleasure, 

I wish you all the best and hopefully we’ll see you on the Zwift island soon :slight_smile:

Ride On!

Hey Richard - I’m in a similar situation as you.

Bearings are smooth as butter - yet unrealistically high wattage displayed on Zwift with my TravelTrac

Hi Nick,

I did get the replacement for the Travel Trac and found it was much closer to IRL.  I found that at 2 full turns of the roller pressure knob and the tire at 100PSI I got the best results.  I have an IRL climb that is almost like the Zwift Island climb and I’m only slightly faster in Zwift at my maximum effort.  

I have since purchased to a Wahoo KICKR Snap and also tested the Travel Trac with a power meter.  What I have found is that at the lower to mid range efforts (1-2W/K) the KICKR, the power meter and the Travel Trac are close.  Where the Travel Trac was too high is under high intensity sprinting. I was able to get over 800W on the Travel Trac which got me a lot of Green Jerseys but isn’t realistic.  With the KICKR and the power meter I can only get to just over 650W.

As for the noise I found that comes mostly from the tire.  Tires with no grooves are the quietest. The more grooves the noisier.  

I hope this helps.

Thanks Richard for the helpful info.
Yup - I agree, the wattage definitely seems exponentially “better” or higher during all out efforts/sprinting.
Will try to emulate your settings on my TravelTrak - since I haven’t upgraded to a Wahoo Kikr (at least not yet!)

Hi Nick,

Let me know how it goes.  I used the Bike Caluculator iPhone app to help compare Zwift and IRL rides. It was useful.




I just purchased a travel trac fluid smart b+ trainer and it doesn’t have the adjustment knob you guys are talking about. Am I missing something or did the older travel trac have the knob to adjust roller pressure? I did one ride on it this morning and I am not very happy with the feel of it. Not sure if I’ll get better response from a Tacx Vortex or a Wahoo Kickr Snap or if it is just what’s to be expected from a wheel on type trainer. Anyone have any insight?

Hi Greg,

The Travel Trac Fluid does not have an adjustment.  The Travel Trac Mag trainer, however, does have a 3 levels of resistance.  I remember reading that Zwift recommends the middle setting although I could not find that reference just now.

The Wahoo Kickr SNAP is a great option for Zwift although more than 5 times the price. I highly recommend it.