Classic trainer low watts output

(Blake De Craene-Tri Mafia) #1

Hi, I have an Elite Tuno Fluid Ritmo trainer, using Garmin cadence & speed sensors & Suunto Move Stick Mini on Zwift. I set the resistance on the rear tire as per the instructions, but find my watts output is quite low, (it’s a struggle to get over 75). I don’t know if there’s anything differently I can do to increase the watt output, as I’m working hard as it is to obtain 75. A friend of mine has a smart trainer & is surprised with my low power output. I’ve started an ftp builder program & there’s no way I can possibly even reach the warmup watts level. Any help with this if possible would be appreciated.

(Paul Allen (Watopia Wayfinder)) #2

Are you selecting the correct wheel size on the pairing screen.

(Blake De Craene-Tri Mafia) #3

I was going to check out my settings, I’ll let you know what I find.

(Blake De Craene-Tri Mafia) #4

Hi Paul, I figured out my problem. After my speed sensor synced, I wasn’t opening up the tab to select my trainer.

Thanks for your help.