Different trainer

Can someone please help.
I recently updated to a new Elite Qubo Fluid trainer. My old outdated trainer was a Sport Crafters trainer.
My question is how do i change my trainer in the set up menu ?

When the game loads it will take you automatically to the pairing page.
That trainer is not directly compatible with Zwift however.

You need either a speed sensor or power pedals.

I assume it’s not finding your trainer on the pairing page?

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Im set up with speed and cadence sensors. Last night’s 1st ride i struggled to get to 30 watts and my legs were burning and i had pretty much run out of gears.
Do i need to change my FTP which is currently at 68 ?
Initially when you sign up your asked what type of trainer your using. This is the setting i need to change from the Sport Crafters to an elite Fluid

Don’t worry about your ftp. That’ll change accordingly.

Have you clicked the calibration icon on the pairing screen to calibrate your trainer?

If it’s calibrated to your old setup it should be causing the issue.

Also check the tension of your tyre against the roller of the trainer. If it’s slipping you’ll struggle to generate the wattage.

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In the power source i have Power Source, Heart Rate, Speed Sensor, Cadence and Controllable and i dont see calibration

There should be a picture of a spanner when you’ve paired it.

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According to Zwift, you should choose the Elite Fluid Gray Roller as the closest match for the Elite Qubo Fluid trainer. This is not the same as pairing your sensors.

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That’s what I’m trying to do. When i initially signed up i chose the Sport Crafters which is a 2 roller system. I now have the Elite Fluid so im trying to change the trainer but cannot access the section to make the changes!

I assume you have selected speed sensor 8n the pairing screen.

Click unpair and then you can start from scratch

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Just tried power source and no change. Tried a simple 20 minute workout and by the time i got to 25 watts it was starting to run out of steem. I positive i need to change the type of trainer in the initial set up so how do i get to that page ?

Can’t find un- pair !

Look at the picture of the screen i sent.

When you have your devices connected take a picture and put it on here. We can see what you’ve setup then.

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I don’t think that trainer broadcast power.

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Ive included a pic of my old trainer and the new one

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I think you need to click on Speed Sensor to un-pair from your previous setup. It’s been a while since I paired a wheel-on trainer, but, as I recall, you should then be asked to choose a wheel size, then a sensor, then be given a list of available trainers, and from this last one you choose Elite Fluid Gray Roller (not sure I’ve got the order right).

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Mildly off topic but that’s bad-ass Leeman. We’d love to see more pics of your setup over in the pain-cave thread:

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When I select speed censor i only have wheel size selections from the drop down menu.
I my mind i need to return to the beginning of when i initially selected the trainer and un select the Sport and then select the Fluid but there isnt anyway to backtrack as far as i can see so i think i may be out of luck with pairing the new trainer unless i set up a new account.
Honestly, i don’t know what else i can try or do !

When im on the streets this is my ride. Its an attention grabber lol


It doesn’t but that is why i have a speed and cadence sensors

Have you tried deleting the app and reinstalling it? I’m not sure why it’s not working but it might be worth a try. And if you’re on Apple TV it’s easy to do a factory reset of the entire device.