Elite trainer 1900watt in Zwift

Hello,I try to write my best English☺️

I have a Elite suito-t and run Zwift on pc and have companion app on iPhone 11,

Suddenly I can put out 1900watt whit 256 cadence and workouts whit erg mode is to easy,

I have installed myETraining app and uppgrado updated software in trainer to latest,calibrated thru myETraining app,reinstalled app (Zwift)whit out success

But when I try putt out my max watt in myETraining it seems to be right 800 watt

So what to do next?I hope you can help me;)

Hi M, welcome to the forums. Typically that high of a Watt spike is a sign of bad calibration. That power chart looks rather chaotic for a structured workout though, did your ERG mode turn off during the workout?

When you tested the trainer after the firmware update and calibration did you make sure to fully unpair the trainer before pairing to Zwift for your ride?

Hello and thanks,we’ll under this workout I noticed directly somethings wrong,so I tested lot of things,i could hold a cadence at 20 and still manage to hold green zone,unfortunately I forgot to reset the Zwift map on computer completely before I tested,today iam going to test just the phone whit new installed Zwift app,maby it can be some corrupted files left on computer?

It didn’t work whit the phone,but it works in myETraining app and all seems to be right,there must be a bug in Zwift or something?

This sounds rather unusual as Zwift simply takes the power data it receives from the trainer as-is and applies it to your avatar. All of the resistance and power calculations happen inside the trainer. If you can reach out to us in email through Contact Us - Official Zwift Support | Zwift, I’d like to take a closer look at the log files where you experienced this and see if they have any extra details that can help us figure this out. On iPhone you can get your logs by clicking on the little document button on the title screen and emailing the files to yourself. This article has more detailed steps on how to find log files as well as steps for other systems.

Ok thanks,I send over the files :+1:t2:

Me and my son have tested I pc and to difrent iPhone to,if we try to pedalling as hard as we can in myETraining app everything looks fine but I can’t test erg mode in that app is I don’t take a membership,I thing we noticed yesterday is that the high cadence appears after a i stop bedal after A powerful sprint.

And Zwift worked perfectly good before

Hello did you get the logfiles?

Skickat från min iPhone

Finally it’s fixed,I wonder if this “faults” can be used like a cheat in Zwift?