Elite Suito workout resistance problem

I’m using Elite Suito.
Hardware version is 2
And I updated the firmware to the latest version.
I use 4iiii power meter.

My trainer has a problem with resistance, when I do a workout.

  1. Workout goal is 175 watt at 90 cadence.
  2. Perform workout at 90 cadence.
  3. Resistance less than necessary
  4. Even after a certain period of time, the power is less than 175 watts

To solve this problem, I used heavy gears. The power went up temporarily but soon the power went down under 175w again.

ERG mode was on.
The calibration was done several times in the Zwift app and Elite app.

Is there a solution?

Did you solve it?

I’ve got the same problem.
I’ve just posted about it in one of the other threads.