Elite Suito with Garmin Vector 3 pedals

I just bought an Elite Suito trainer and want to start training with Zwift. I have the Garmin Vector 3 power pedals on my bike. I’m quite confused how to use Zwift now, though. How can I use the power output of my Garmin pedals and still have the required power adjusted by the Elite trainer (for example when drafting, riding uphill …)? Should I pair both the Suito and Garmin pedals to Zwift? Or should I pair the Suito with the Garmin pedals? Do I need an ANT+ dongle to connect the pedals with my laptop?

Thank you in advance!

Pair the pedals as the power meter and the suito to controllable. Cadence could be either pedals or suito, I’d go with the pedals.

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