Elite Suito & Trek MTB

I realise the Elite Suito is new and unlikely that many will have any experience of the direct trainer but as a complete novice to trainers (currently using Concept2 BikeErg and Zwift) I was wondering if anyone had set up the Elite Suito with a mountain bike? If so happy with it?

I am thinking of going to Tredz my local bike shop and as the Trek 8 Xcaliber is a 10 speed I need to get a new cassett so will ask the guys at the shop to replace for me. I’ll hopefully get them to set it up for my bike so all I have to do when I get home is hook the bike up!

Is the Suito a decent first trainer? I was going for a wahoo or tacx smart bike but going to wait for a year for things to settle down - plus I want to experience single track on Zwift!!