Gear grinding and skipping

Hello everyone, as you can imagine I’m new to cycling and even newer to Zwift and turbos. I jsut bought my first ever Direct drive trainer. My pick was the new Elite Suito that comes fully assembled with 11speed cassette. Setting up and connecting was a breeze. On my very first pedal strokes I noticed that chain makes quite a lot of grinding noise… And shifting gears were unusually loud and felt wrong / not smooth at all compared to my outdoor rides. At one point I tried to sprint and the chain was skipping/jumping to other gears and I was afraid go full power. I belive that’s due to that I have Ultegra cassette from 2012 with 10 gears, I dont understand much from bicycles, but how I can make my ride better? Is my chain too wide for 11speed cassette? Or do I need to get 11speed cassette for my rear wheel and recalibrate shifters? I still want to be able jsut to pop in my rear wheel and go for a ride without mutch hustle.
I have Scott addict r2 2012 if that helps.
Kind regards, Valdis

If your bike is a 10 speed its not compatible with a 11speed casette,you need to have a 10sp on the trainer
(or replace the bike :grinning:)

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Yeah, as a casual rider I didn’t think of that when buying, realised that I have 10speed cassette only later. I guess cheapest option for me is to swap that 11speed for 10speed cassette then.
Thanks Tomas for confirming my stupidity

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Hi Valdis,
depending on how much use your chain has had, now might be a good time to replace that at the same time as you get your new 10 speed cassette for the

You can get a tool to check for chain wear to be sure.

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