9gear racing bike on new 11gear direct trainer

Hi there,

I’m a very casual biker (due to family mostly MTB with kid trailer) but I’d like to use my old racing bike (a cheap one with a Shimano 105 setup) along with a direct trainer. Was aiming for the Tracx Flex Smart S (new version) but my new favorite is the brand new elite suito (still a gamble). The Suito comes with 11gear pre-installed. Which is a great saving of money (gear, tools) and especially time (no possibility to fail).
However, my 109 has only 9gears on the rear wheel. I guess the trainer wouldnt work with adjustments. Would be spacer rings and tools be enough or do I need a new set of gears? The bike is only needed for the trainer if that is of any help.

I’d purchase a cheap 9 speed cassette and stick that on the trainer, you will probably need a spacer. You can pick up a Shimano one for about £15, maybe less.

I did similar, I have an older 10 speed bike on my trainer permanently, so I just put a cheap 10 speed cassette on in place of the standard 11 speed that came on it.

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Thanks Paul, I ll go for a 9 speed cassette, spacers and necessary tools then. Thanks again!

No problem, if you’re purchasing the trainer from a bike shop they will probably swap the cassette for you.

Yes Paul, that’s what I thought too. I already mailed several online bike shops (no shop with trainers in my area I guess)

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you can always buy the trainer online and go to your local shop with the bike and the trainer and buy the cassette from them and ask if they can set it up.

true! Thank you! But maybe I should give it a try t o learn something :wink:

It is an easy thing to do. You will need the tools to remove and assemble the cassette. there is a lot of youtube videos on the subject.

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that’s what i did when i put my hybrid bike on the trainer, youtube tutorials got you covered.

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I have a tacx neo. I’ve mounted my 7 speed mountain bike on it. All you’ll need is the correct spacers to mount any OEM cassette. The trainer has no idea how far the rear derailleur travels when shifting. Numbers of cogs does not matter to the trainer, only the position on the hub, thus the needed for spacers.

Thank you guys!

I managed to convert my Elite Suito from 11 speed to 9 speed. Now I found out that my old racing bike needs deperate rapairs. The shifting is completley off. I can’t wait to finally try Zwift so I’d need to use my quite new MTB until my racing bike returns (could take 1-2 weeks). My rather new MTB Cube Race One 2018 has 2x11 gears. So it should work with the origianl Elite Suito setup right? (no problems beacuse of other chain standards or something? Sorry, technical noob here)

Yes, should work with the original 11 speed cassette.

Awesome! I was such an idiot. I did count 10 gears on my MTB but looking up my bike specs showed 2x11. I could have started way earlier. Well the small gear is pretty hard to detect.