8 Speed Cassette with a DT - Guidance

Hi there,

Firstly, apologies if this sounds rambled or partially incoherent. I am incredibly new to Zwift and biking and as such, am rather ignorant.

I recently purchased an Elite Suito-T and a B-Twin Triban 500 SE.

The SE is an 8 speed. As such, I purchased a Shimano CS-HG50-8 Cassette to go with it. They have the same total teeth - 12-25.

The Elite Suito notes compatibility with 9, 10 and 11 speed recommending 0 spacers for 11, 1 for 10 and 2 for 9. Does this mean that my 8 speed would require 3 to be appropriately aligned? I currently have it connected with 2 spacers and it feels a bit off.

Another issue I am having is that the lowest cog of the cassette appears to rub and as such, makes that gear unusable. Would I also require a spacer in between the 7 speed cog (all attached) and the additional cog making up 8?

If anyone could provide any insight or tips and tricks to make the motion smoother I would be incredibly grateful.

Thanks in advance.


You need one 1.85mm spacer; a proper Shimano one is best because it has recesses in the right places for the rivets on the back of the cassette.

You’ll still need to tweak your indexing with the barrel adjusters to reduce rubbing as much as possible and ensure good quick shifting.

Thank you for the response Dave.

Apologies for being thick - do I need one additional spacer of 1.85mm (Is this the size of the other two that come with the Suito?) and if so, at the back by the big cog (where the first two are) or between the 7 speed cassette and the additional cog making it an 8 speed.

Thanks in advance.

Sorry, no you just need that one spacer. None more; the Shimano one (they cost about a fiver) would be instead of the ones that came with the trainer. It goes behind the cassette, between it and the hub on the trainer. The spacer makes up the difference in overall width between 11 speed cassettes and the narrower one you have, since the trainer hub is designed for up to 11 speed. You don’t need spacers anywhere else.

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