Shimano Claris 8 speed

folks, I’m looking to buy a permanent bike for the trainer as attaching and dismantling my current bike is too cumbersome and problematic.

the bike have claris group set, 8 speed and my current bike is 105, both 11-30T. Will there be a big difference between the 2 on zwift? I have been using the 105 bike since November last year on Zwift and somehow got used to it already

Appreciate any responses as I’m finalizing the purchase of the bike soon (roadbike where i live is selling like hot cakes and i couldnt get my LBS to hold the bike for too long)

No issues at all. You’ll need a single 1.85mm spacer to go behind the cassette on your trainer. Get a genuine Shimano one because it has the right recesses for the rivets. Part number is Y4T724000, they don’t cost much.

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Thanks Dave. Is it either the spacer or I buy a separate cassette for it ? And I based from what I read on the instruction manual of the Tacx Flux that I owned, I believed the spacer is supplied

You’ll need the spacer for the 11spd hub on the trainer to accept the 8spd cassette from the bike and have the indexing work properly. I’d still buy the Shimano one, I expect the included one with the trainer will be flat without recesses.

Thanks again Dave

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