Correct Setup for 8 Speed Bike +Zumo Elite Direct Driver Trainer?


I recently bought a mountain bike that comes with a 8 speed CS-HG200-8 cassette. I also bought the Elite Zumo Smart Interactive Turbo Trainer and realised too late that this trainer supports 9 - 11 cassettes.

After reading a bit more about this, I read that it would be possible to use the 8 speed cassette as long we slot in a 1.85 mm spacer before the cassette is slotted into the trainer. Just wanted to confirm with the community or anyone with similar experiences if that is correct.

Our plan as of now is to buy an additional CS-HG200-8 cassette and the 1.85 mm spacer. Would appreciate any help!

You’re spot on, and it will work perfectly. I’d recommend buying a Shimano spacer, they have the cut outs for the rivets on the back of the cassette (rather than being flat). The part number is FH-9000, or Y4T724000.

Perfect. That was the spacer I was looking at. thanks for the feedback!

No problem. I ran an 8spd Claris groupset on several 11spd hub trainers using that spacer, no issues at all.

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