Elite zumo and 8 speed cassette


I was about to purchase an elite zumo as my first smart trainer however have just read it only supports 9/10/11 speed cassettes.

My bike is a Specialized ALLEZ with an 8 speed 11-32 cassette. I had planned to just buy an 8 11-32 cassette for the zumo but looks as though this will be an issue.

Can anyone advise? I’m a complete noob so don’t understand the technicalities etc.

Thanks all

Hi @mark_walton1 welcome to Zwift forums.

You may want to confirm with Elite, but you should be able to put an 8 speed cassette on that trainer. It’s likely that the 11 speed freehub body will be a smidge wider than an 8 speed cassette, so you need to install a spacer or two before you slide the cassette on there.

If you need a spacer, it’s important to use one with the appropriate thickness, so that the cogs line up where your derailleur expects them to sit. If it’s a Shimano-made cassette, chances are you’ll want to stack one 1.8 mm spacer and also one 1.0 mm spacer. Can’t say what you’d need for other brands of cassettes.

This is where contacting Elite would come in. Also - consider purchasing from a local Elite dealer and have them ensure correct setup.

We also have a guide for installing cassettes on this thread. The key point is to buy a cassette of the same gear range & brand as what’s on your bike.

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Thank you. I’ll contact elite and ask them. I was going to get the elite zumo from Halfords. No idea if they’d be able to fit the cassette.

You should be fine. I use an 8-speed cassette on the generic 9/10/11 freehub on my Hammer. You just need a 1.85 mm spacer which has come with every wheel/freehub I’ve bought. 10-speed is the oddball where an extra 1.0 mm spacer is required.

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They should be able to, especially if you buy the cassette & spacer from them.

If not you just need one of these tools: https://www.wiggle.co.uk/lifeline-x-tools-cassette-lockring-tool/
And a biggish spanner to tighten it up.

You’d need another tool to remove it.

Hi @mark_walton1,

Did you manage to fit it right? I’m thinking on going to Halfords to do exactly the same? do I need any extras? Or just the tools to install a cassette?


Hi I went for a Tacx flux s on eBay in the end. My neighbour fitted the cassette for me as he had the tools to do so. Literally took him no longer than 2 mins