Bulls Sora on Elite Suito

I wanna give my wife the chance to ride in zwift while caring about our baby.
However, my old 3x9 Shimano 105 racing bike if not repairable in a economic way (brake lever moves with small gear lever when shifting). I also have an old bulls sora with a shimano sora with 3x8 gears which is not officially supported by the Elite Suito But I be read it works with spacer.

So all you bike maniacs… I need some advices:

What Sora 8 speed cassette do I need to buy. Should I buy 2 1mm spacers or one 1,85mm? How should the spacers be placed? All first on the rod or somehow distributed between cog wheels? Can I simply add some chain gel on the old slightly rusted chain or should I get a new one. If yes… which :man_shrugging:t3:
Sorry that I ask but the bike stores don’t seem to be very keen on helping with these kind of issued

When I was running 8spd on an 11spd hub it required one 1.85mm spacer, placed behind the cassette. However that was with Claris rather than Sora (which is now 9spd) so unfortunately I don’t know if the same setup will work. Can only give it a try. Get a proper Shimano spacer btw, they have recesses in the right place for the rivets.

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The Suito comes with enough spacers to run a 9 speed so you might just need one more spacer. I’m not sure what their thickness is though.

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So if everything fits fine my spacer config should be ok, right?

7spd, 8spd and 9spd Shimano are all the same IIRC, just one 1.85mm spacer needed. Can’t account for different generation of groupsets though, or those cassettes with the recess on the back…

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Got a 8 speed cassette which should be compatible after doing some research. Cleaned the bike, de-oiled chain, applied some chain gel, used a spacer I found among my cycling stuff which was about 2mm wide. Everything did fit and I can shift through all gears. However only very few gears run pretty clean. The rest has quite a lot of crackling sounds and friction spikes you can feel in your feet. No fun at all. Where to continue now? Adjusting gears in a bike store?
Another thing O noticed. Some iron detents on the biggest cog seams to deform the spacer towards inner side

Sounds like it needs indexing, but also be aware that a new cassette with old chain will run pretty rough. They normally wear together. As for the spacer:


These are good hints. Thanks a lot.m!

I already found a better spacer. I seems to be correct width and it has the shimano jagged style. It does seem to fit good now.
Going to read about gear calibration tomorrow and give it a try.
I also need other „wheel supports tubes“ as this bike’s wheel supports are wider. Unfortunately my Elite Suito lacks those mentioned in the manual.