Elite Suito Set Up Help

I just got an Elite Suito trainer and I am working on getting it set up. It comes with an 11 speed cassette. But, the bike I will be putting on it is a 9 speed. Will I need to get a new cassette for the trainer? Or, is there any way that I can make then work together? I put it on just now and it will ride on the larger chain rings in back but starts skipping when going on the smaller rings.

Any help is appreciated. I look forward to getting on Zwift!

You’ll need a new cassette for the Suito, I think. The distance between the sprockets will be different on an 11sp and a 9sp. So your derailleur is, I expect, moving the chain just a little bit too far. You get away with it for a few cogs, but after enough the difference adds up.

e.g. 1mm too far is half a centimetre out after 5 changes.

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