Newbie.... gear problems

Hi all,

New to Zwift but have been riding on the road for 6+ years.

I purchased and Elite Suito to get a bit more training done in the winter. It came with an 11 speed cassette I have a 10 speed bike, no problem, got the exact same cassette as I have on the bike got that installed onto the trainer at a shop, had a new chain fitted happy days.

The problem I’m having is on the gear cog at the back of the bike on the three small rings the gear changes are awful, very loud and clunky… went back to the shop checked spacing issues had the gears re indexed still the same problems, had everything aligned cables checked etc… is this something that with time will ease up or do I have a real problem here?

Thanks in advance for any replies, any advice welcomed!

When you say that it sounds awful do you mean it sounds like it doesn’t want to go into the gear? Like a grinding noise?

Does it make the same noise shifting up as well as down?

Once it is the gear is it then quiet?

A ten speed cassette on an eleven speed hub needs the proper spacer(s) – either a 1mm + 1.85mm or … a 2.85mm.

It does sort of grind as if it doesn’t want to go onto the bottom 3 rings on the cassette and it’s a really loud change of gear. Changing is up is fine and whilst in gears it’s fine as well it’s just changing down it makes a right racket. I’ve never had this issue before I put my bike on the trainer.

When I went back to the shop they double checked the spacers so we’re happy with that.

I had a similar issue using my 9 speed cassette on the 11 speed hub. If the spacer is correct then you may just need to tweek the cable tension on the rear derailleur. I think I adjusted mine by a half turn and it seemed to sort it. Also double check that the bike is properly on the mounts at the trainer.

Thank just adjuster the cable by a little over half a turn and perfect. Can’t believe the shop didn’t pick up on it.

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Excellent! You may need to adjust it back when you take the bike back off the trainer for outdoor use. No idea why, such is life :slight_smile:

I guessed that might be the case. Supposed to be so easy. Hey ho, got there in the end, thanks a lot for your help! :blush::+1: