Elite suito t chain noise 8 speed

the chain makes noise. my fahter says it’s because my bike is 8 speed and it only works with 9, 10 or 11 but I have read online that it’s possible. with an 8 speed. I have already tried to remount it and to adjust the rear derailleur but it does nothing. The chain doens’t go smooth on the trainer but on the road it works perfectly fine. hopefully someone can help me!!

ht tps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ocnlz7icS5M (remove spacer after t)

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It should be possible. 8/9/10 speed cassettes have the same overall dimensions, just different spacing between the cogs.

I set the video on public. I know that an 8 speed normally should work with an 1.85mm spacer. The elite suito t was delivered with to small spacers and from other people online i hd read that it was possible with these 2.

Hmm I still can’t see the video. You are correct about the 1.85mm spacer.

Another possible factor is using an old chain on a new cassette. If the chain is worn it can be jumpy on a new cassette.

yes maybe. now you can see the video I didn’t click on save. what do you think is a sulotion then? I forgot to say that there is wat more drag on the chainnont the smallest gear

OK I saw the video. It’s kind of a strange noise like when the upper pulley of the derailleur is too close to the cog. But I wouldn’t expect that to happen when you are on the large chainring. I really can’t tell what’s causing it from the video. You may need to take the bike and trainer to a mechanic for diagnosis. If I could see what it’s doing I might be able to say more but it’s hard to do without seeing it up close. It also looks like the chain is sagging a little which should not be happening.

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