Elite Suito T banging noise

Dear all,

A couple of weeks ago I bought the Elite Suito T (Shimano 105-10 speed). Already since the beginning the trainer makes a loud banging noise as soon as you start riding. It feels like a dead moment in the drive.

I made a clip off it but I am not able to share it with you via this portal.

Hopefully you can help me.


Hi Bob,

Thank you for making some time to look at my issue and providing an example.

Unfortunately this is not the same issue. I have uploaded to clip which you can find here:
https:// youtu.be/GdSas3fjEyw (remove space after //)


Definitely not the same but I could not find any videos on belt adjustment or replacement. If it’s new or under warranty I would send them your most excellent video. If that is not possible you’ll need to find a way to inspect the belt and pulley system.
If you put in the small ring in the font and a low gear in back and spin it up, like 115 cadence, does the noise match the high cadence? Then try big ring and higher gear with a cadence of 65. Your belt should be going really fast while your cadence is low. What is the sound doing? Fast or slow?
It could be not your trainer but your chain or something else like maybe your chain is little off and needs indexing. Just some thought.

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It is in warranty, you should contact the dealer.
If you are in Europe - do not open it, otherwise you could lose the warranty! Had a similar experience (not Elite!).

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Thanks for your thoughts and ideas. I will try these and see if the problems will be solved. Indexing of the chain was done in the fall but I start to get the idea that it is not done properly.

I will let you know the outcome.

I contacted the dealer and they are willing to inspect the trainer. But this means they will sent it to Elite and I will be w/o the trainer for appr. 4 weeks. So I like to see if I can adjust something else before sending back. Thanks for your warning of not opening up.

I’ve got exactly the same clanking sound on my Suito. In frustration I jumped off the bike in the middle of a ride, and surprisingly could replicate the sound just but jiggling the Suito and bike while not peddling. Could be framing design of the Suito. Just loosening the spring tension in the arms helped noticably. Will retighten and oil as next steps.

I was able to sent it back and get it replaced by a Tacx Flux S.