Suito T Noise - Very Loud, Electric Motorbike

I purchased an Elite Suito T about a month back and ever since I’ve had it, it’s made a very loud noise akin to an electric motorcycle. Loud enough that I have to wear headphones with music playing loud to drown it out (not ideal for my ears all things considering).

Here’s a vid of the noise: com/watch?v=JWQf8h8zX1w (remove the space before .com)

Any ideas what is going on here? I’ve remounted the bike several times without luck. Also attempted to tighten the silver clamp on the non-cassette side (as I’ve seen mentioned a few other places). No luck there. I plan on purchasing a sound isolating mat but the noise occurred while on carpet as well so I don’t think that’s the issue.

I’ve already contacted Elite support (and submitted a ticket; still awaiting approval on their forums) but they are closed for the holidays so I was checking to see if anyone else might have an answer. Unfortunately my local bike shop is also closed for the holidays as well :confused:

Definitely sounds deeper than any bicycle drivetrain noise I’ve ever heard.

I suspect there’s an issue with the drive-belt that runs between the flywheel and resistance unit inside the trainer. (so, “warranty issue” unless you want to risk opening it up to take a look)

You’ll probably have more luck finding people who’ve experienced this on Elite’s own support forum: Suito - Official Forum

It does sound pretty deep in there. I just listened to it and it sounds somewhere within the housing.

Unfortunately, new accounts on Elite’s forums have to be approved by their moderation team which also appears to be on holiday. :-/ When it rains, it pours, eh?

Definitely sounds like a faulty trainer. If you can’t get at the Elite forum you could try the Facebook owners group

Just to follow up on this - Elite diagnosed it as a defective bearing. Sent in the trainer and awaiting a replacement one.