Elite Turbo Muin Smart B+ - creaking noise

Hi all
I have an Elite Turbo Muin Smart B+ trainer. Worked fine for the last 3 years. Recently it is making a big creaking noise when I put out >500 watts. Has anyone else had this? Is there an easy fix?

Any help very gratefully received, thanks

well the good news is that since it’s a 20kg direct drive fluid trainer i cant possibly imagine how it could ever break. it could be something very simple like the quick release skewer has loosened up over time, just tighten it in that case. otherwise, it’s possible that the hub bearings might need regreasing. shouldn’t be a difficult job

worst case, if they need replacing entirely contact elite and get the bearing size from them, or maybe they will just send you the part themselves.

if it’s none of the above then it’s probably something on your bike, BB or stem/headset is what i’d check first.

Do you have the option of testing it outside to see if it’s the trainer or the bike?

Useful, thanks.